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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more frequent questions we get about our shark fishing charters... Hopefully we answer yours... If Not -- Give us a call directly and speak to us, we are happy to help.


How Many Sharks Will I Catch In A Day?

It depends. On length of trip, your ability to catch sharks and fatigue as well as how long it takes for you to fight a shark to the boat. We can adjust our targeted size of sharks based on many values including ability to fight big fish.

Keep in mind though, shark fishing is still fishing and mother nature dictates to us how many shots we get to catch a shark.

What Species of Shark Will We Fish For?

That can depend on many factors. 1.What our anglers want to fish for. 2. Whats available.

Generally speaking we fish for Bull Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, American Sharp Nosed Sharks, Bonnet Head Sharks and Nurse Sharks. We consider Tiger Sharks and Hammer Head Sharks to be in the bonus section due to their rarity.

Can I Keep The Jaws Of The Shark I Catch?

NO... What will he use to eat with? We release all of our sharks we catch unharmed. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Can I Eat The Shark I Catch?

No.. We release all of our sharks unharmed.

Can I Get A Photo With My Shark?

Yes... Our captains will see to it you have a photo op while the shark is along side the boat. Bigger the shark the harder this is..

Can I Bring Beer or Alcohol On My Shark Trip?

Yes... We even have a little marina store where you can buy some beer before heading out.

Is This A Good Fishing Charter For Kids?

The Best.!! Kids love and have a fascination about sharks. We gear the trip toward the youngest or least experienced person on the boat. Its a huge confidence builder when we help a kid catch a shark as big or bigger than they are. Its a very exciting way to fish.

I Get Sea Sick - Is This A Good Trip For Me?

If you want to get out on the water and go fishing. This is the least likely trip you will get sea sick on of any fishing charter out of Key West. The boat ride is exhilarating, the waters will be calm where you fish and the action will keep your mind off of being sick.

I Am Deathly Scared Of Sharks..

This trip will be like a horror show for you then. If you like horror shows, then go and enjoy. If the movie JAWS has you afraid of the shower, this is probably not the trip for you.

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