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Shark Species In Key West

There are many species of sharks here in the Key West waters. We are going to cover the ones that we come accross on our shark fishing adventures here at Dream Catcher Charters so you can learn more about our fishing.

We will start with the most popular and work our way down the list..

Keep in mind we do not ever condone the harm of any of the sharks we fish for. Not for food or trophy. These fish will be caught, photoed and released, pride hurt but unharmed.

Bull Shark

Mean as hell, strong as a bull and not affraid of much. The bull shark gets his name for his blunt nose and head butting behavior. Because of the dirtier waters near shore bull sharks a known to head but or test thier pray before eating it. Bull Sharks are considered to be the deadliest sharks and accounted for the most attacks to man near shore than any other shark in the world.

We catch bull sharks ranging in size from 3 - 9 ft up to 400 lbs. This is an exciting shark to fish for as they are in the shallows and get right up close and personal.

Any one of our shark fishing charters will target bull sharks. Although we catch them year round frequently the best time of the year is March.

Black Tip Shark

Fast, sporty and aerobatic. Black tip sharks are the leading culprit to steal a tarpon fishing bait than any other shark. Once hooked up many fishing guides will call the black tip shark a "spinner" as they leap out of the water much like a real spinner shark making the fight almost impossible to keep hooked up.

Black tips get their name from the tips of thier fins as adults look like they are dipped in black paint. These sharks are a great sport fish on the flats. They love poppers and large flies. Ranging in size from 2-6 ft black tip sharks will entertain the most hard core sport fishing enthusiast.

All of our shark fishing charters will target black tips. They are here year round and most common in the winter from November through May.

Lemon Sharks

The most common of the sport fishing sharks here in Key West. The power of a bull shark but even meaner. Lemon sharks display thier agrssion on the bait when gunning it down. A quick head turn and rip there goes the drag. The Lemon shark gets their name because of the yellowish coloring.

Super powerful and they get quite large. Lemon sharks are a great ingredient to the shark population here in Key West. When on our shark fishing charters it is not uncommon to have 3-9 lemon sharks mixed in with others waiting for a bait.

All of our shark fishing charters will target lemon sharks. They are here year round.

Hammerhead Shark  

The most unique looking shark we fish for is the Hammerhead. A solo predator that is a little skiddish the hammerhead is always a crowd favorite. Very powerful and deternined the hammerhead uses his body very well in a fight against anglers. That head acts as a planer board and gives this shark a big advantage.

We catch hammerheads from 6 ft to 12 ft and up to 700 lbs. Not super common but they are here all year with more sightings durring tarpon fishing season as tarpon are on the top of their list of things to eat, right along with sting ray and sea turtles.

All of our shark fishing charters will target hammerhead sharks. For best results add the hammerhead to your list and enjoy the more readily available species of sharks while you try and catch one.

Shark Fishing Charters

We offer 4, 6, and 8 hour shark fishing trips on board our 22-24ft bay boats for up to 4 anglers. We also offer our 28 f center console for up to 6 anglers. Our boats can have bathrooms or not. These trips are conducted in calm smooth waters. We always provide everything you will need for fishing. Bottle waters tackle and great times..


Do NOT Go On this trip

IF you are afraid of large flesh eating sharks circling the boat..

IF you feel sorry for the bait..

Please read more in our Frequently Asked Questions..

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